Nickname: Pine Tree State

State Capitol: Augusta

Statehood: Maine became the 23rd state March 15th, 1820

First Charted City: Maine claims the first charted city in the United States; York in York County in 1641

Easternmost Point: In Maine and the United States, Lubec in Washington County

Largest Cities: Portland 64,249; (2000-01 Census) Lewiston 35,690; (2001-02 Census) Bangor 31,473; (2001-02 Census)

Highest Point: Mt. Katahdin, Baxter State Park; 5,267 feet above sea level

Lowest Point: Sea Level

Maine's Area Code: 207

Time Zone: Eastern

Sales Tax: 5%

Meals & Lodging Tax: 7%

Gratuity: Generally not included 15% is Adequate

Seat Belts: Maine law requires all ages to use seat belts; infants to 8 years of age or 80 pounds MUST be in a child restraint

State Gemstone: Tourmaline

State Motto: Dirigo (meaning "I Lead")

State Tree: White pine; adopted by legislature in 1945

State Animal: Moose

State Cat: Maine: Coon Cat

State Fish: Landlocked Salmon

State Flower: White pine cone; adopted by legislature in 1927

State Bird: Chickadee, adoped by legislature in 1927

State Fossil: Pertica Quadrifaria

State Insect: Honey Bee

Radar Detectors: Permitted

Legal Drinking Age: 21

Liquor Sales: Restricted from Saturday Midnight to Sunday noon

Population: 1,274,923 (Census 2000)

Counties: 16

Cities: 22

Towns: 431

Plantations: 39

Unorganized Towns: 421


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