Town of Westfield

  • Town Manager --¬†Carollee Hallett¬†
  • Main Street, P.O. Box C, Westfield, ME 04787
  • Phone # 207 425-5951

westfieldtownofficeThirty-two miles north of Houlton.
Formed from Deerfield and Westfield Academy Grants.
Town office location: Main Street, P.O. Box C, Westfield, Maine 04787
Phone # 207 425-5951

Westfield, which is farmland country, is located south of Presque Isle. During Westfield's early settlement, the St. John's School was the place of learning for approximately ninety girls and boys. Beyond this area was a large farm owned by Rev. G. M. Park. The farm was comprised of a number of buildings; below the farm was a well-kept cemetery. Akeley Brook was located below the village, and it was the location of one of Aroostook County 's finest starch factories, which included two dry houses and a boarding house. Many potatoes were grounded into starch. After crossing the brook, Quaggy Joe Mountain could be seen. The village of Spragueville laid at the foot of Quaggy Joe Mountain. If you looked at the beginning of the road that led into Spragueville, you could see the Grange Hall. This was the place where a lot meetings were held. On the second floor, suppers were held. Near Clark Brook, there was a starch factory that was owned by Hon. G. W. Collins of Bridgewater; it was located just below the southern line of Presque Isle.

Westfield was made up of two half townships; they were granted by the State of Massachusetts in order to help establish learning institutions in the state. Deerfield Academy was located in the northern part of the township, and Westfield Academy was located in the southern part of the township.

Westfield was noted as an excellent agricultural town. Fertile farms and large tracts of hardwood could be seen along the main road; timber was also plentiful. One of the first people to clear land for farming was James Thorncraft in 1839. At the time when Mr. Thorncraft built his log home, he was surrounded by the wilderness. There were no roads close by; neighbors to the north were in Presque Isle, and neighbors to the south were in Bridgewater . By the year 1841, John H. Bridges moved to this area. In 1861, Mr. John N. Trueworthy, who was from Unity, purchased Mr. Thorncraft's farm and opened the house as a hotel. Goods were transported by teams from Houlton to the northern portion of Aroostook County, and it proved to be a convenient place for a stopover at the hotel. With the extension of the railroad to Presque Isle, the hotel business declined.

Mr. John Young, who is from Bridgewater, cleared land that is currently called Young's Brook. The Peavey Bros., who were from Bangor, built a factory at Young's Brook in 1859. Even though there were no starch factories in Westfield at that time, the farmers supplied a large portion of their potatoes to the factory at Clark Brook in Presque Isle. Most of their crops also went to Presque Isle so they can be shipped for market.

After a few years, word got out, by the press, about the fertile land in Aroostook County. People started settling in the area; this was about 1858. Westfield was not a state town because it was privately owned. The land was being sold for two dollars per acre. Lots could be purchased for fifty cents an acre elsewhere; therefore, this detracted people from settlling within the proprietorship.

The first school was built in 1863, and it's teacher was Mrs. L. W. Reed.

Every part of the town has an abundance of streams and brooks. Westfield has a beautiful rural setting; the town is known for their community spirit, which is on display every August when they celebrate the Westfield Jubilee. The festival consists of ATV pulls, a parade and activities at the Westfield Ball Park along with food and fun. The barbecue gives everyone a chance to catch up on the village news. It's an excellent way for people from Westfield and neighboring towns to get together.

Many of the people in this area commute to the next town for employment and for attending school. Westfield currently buses students to Presque Isle under the MSAD #1 school district. Westfield has a retirement home with it's own staff.

In 1890, the valuation of the town was approximately $34,000 with 166 settlers. Westfield's population in 2001-2002 was 559 with a valuation of $14,970,732.

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