I. Membership Dues Schedule for Retired/Individuals $ 35.00
II. Charitable and Service Non Profit Organizations $120.00
III. Educational Facilities $200.00
IV. Business, Professional, Services, Industrial , and Non Profit State & Federally Funded Organizations
A. Up To 3 Employees $140 Flat Rate
B. From 4-50 Employees $6.60 Per Employee
C. From 51-100 Employees $3.30 Per Employee
D. From 101-150 Employees $1.30 Per Employee
E. From 151-200 $1.20 Per Employee
F. Over 201 $1.10 Per Employee
V. Investment Schedule For Members Owning 3 or More Businesses
A. Business Up To 3 Employees $140 Flat Rate
B. Employee From 4-50 Employees $5.00 Per
C. From 51-100 Employees $2.50 Per Employee
D. Over 100 Employees $1.00 Per Employe

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